Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Rubber Removal Machine

UHP rubber removal machine for cleaning of runways. The machine has a variety of options such as runway rubber removal, painted line removal and surface texturing. The UHP machine is modified on a 3- or 4 axle chassis and powered through a hydrostatic gearbox.

Features & Options:
Hopper size: 9m³ or 14m³ stainless steel
Water tank capacity: A wide range of water tank options from 2900 litres up to 7500 litres
Power pack: Hydrostaically powered
Brush unit: Single or dual channel brush (-es) with brush behind suction nozzle and static or pivoting wide sweep brush
High pressure: High pressure system ranging from 2500 bar @ 37 l/min. to 3000 bar @ 57 l/min
Optional equipment: Stainless steel hopper
HP-spray bars fitted at brush unit (-s), rear mounted wide suction unit, front mounted HP spray bars
Wanderhose, top- or rear mounted
Front brush, right / left or dual
In cab control panel
Central lubrication system
Tool box
Flexible lighting system
Cameras etc.


Ultra High Pressure – Rubber Removal Machine


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