High Speed Runway Sweeper


High speed runway sweeper for cleaning of runway aprons or any large flat surface. Designed to exceed all military 40 km/h pick up tests.

Features & Options:
Hopper size: 9.5m³ stainless steel
Water tank capacity: Ranging from 1500 litres to 2000 litres
Power pack: High capacity fan system with 205kW (EuroMot 3a) auxiliary engine or High capacity fan system with 210kW (EuroMot 4) auxiliary engine
Brush unit: Dirt Pick-up consisting of 2 suction nozzles and a roller brush (integrated in the suction hood. Roller brush can be raised separately)
Optional equipment: Stainless steel hopper
Side brushes
High pressure system ranging from 150 bar @ 15 l/min to 160 bar @ 128l/min
HP-spray bars fitted in front of / behind suction hood
Detergent system
Rear mounted wanderhose
Front- / rear magnet


High Speed Runway Sweeper


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